Sights to see in Braidwood
Restored Train Depot
111 N. Center Street
Braidwood, IL  60408
Polk-A-Dot 50's Style drive-in.  A must see on Route 66.  Don't miss the inside.  It's
even cooler than the outside.  Open daily for lunch and dinner, ice cream and drinks.
Fossil Ridge Library - fossils and
other interesting displays.  386
Kennedy Road, Braidwood.  Call
815-458-2187 for hours of
operation.   Admission is free.
Braidwood Inn - featured in the movie.   
Planes, Trains and Automobiles, starring John
Candy and Steve Martin.  Filmed right here in
Braidwood at the Sun Motel. (In the movie,
Braidwood is in Kansas.)
Exotic Deer Farm - exotic deer and other unusual
animals.  Located less than 1/2 mile east of Route
66 on Highway 113.  Animals can be viewed from
the side of the highway.  Deer LOVE apples!