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Visit Elwood May 2 & 3, 2015 for our annual Red Carpet corridor event!

Antique Tractors on the Route-Follow the original Route 66 from Mississippi to Douglas Street. See
antique tractors. Stop and take photos.

Elwood Village Hall Historical Presentation and Antique Tractor Display.
Visit Elwood Village Hall, 401 E. Mississippi Ave., to learn about Elwood’s unique farming history.
Check out one resident’s historic wooden nickel collection on display

Douglas Street wayside exhibit The Arsenal and Agriculture display will feature Rosie the Riveter and
Arsenal Worker statues, along with an antique tractor. This stretch of the route features a section of
original pavement brought to the surface thanks to a recent renovation project.
Also visit Elwood’s quaint downtown district on Mississippi Avenue; Elwood Children’s Garden, 500
N. Chicago Street and Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery,  20953 W. Hoff Road.

Wooden Nickel Location: Elwood Village Hall, 401 E. Mississippi Avenue

For more information contact Elwood Village Hall 401 E. Mississippi Ave. 815-423-5011
Children's Garden Project
Welcome to Elwood!
Elwood City Hall