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Red Carpet Corridor Festival - May 2 & 3, 2015

A mining town established in 1888.  The Park District has its own petting
zoo and beautiful grounds.  Godley Mining Museum will be open to show
off its mining artifacts and information about local mines.

Godley incorporated in 1888 was a booming town with many commercial
establishments during the mining days.  Some of the mines in Godley were the
K Mine located off of Route 66/53 with an old truck sitting on top of its slagpile,
the M Mine located at the Godley Park District, and the Shotz Mine, location
unknown.  Other nearby mines include: The Torino Mine, the Rickson Mine,
and the Turin Mine.  These are now covered by the body of water used for
cooling by the Exelon Nuclear Plant.

The Godley Park District has many wonderful thing to offer the public with its
many outdoor rentals, open gym, exercise equipment, daycare center, and
other fun activities.  It also has its own outdoor animals to visit, including a new
baby llama who was hand fed to survive by wonderful volunteers.

The Godley Mining Museum on Route 66 opened a few years ago with the
assistance of many fabulous volunteers who helped to renovate and make it
possible to keep our local history alive.  With their support and the continued
financial support of the Excelon Nuclear Plant, we have been able to
accomplish much in the last few years.  The Museum will reopen this spring
and we invite everyone to stop and visit our museum, learn about our heritage,
and bring their own stories about the early, booming days of Godley.
The Village of Godley