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Joliet Museum
Joliet Kicks
At the beginning of the twentieth century there were very few roads in the U.S.A. If present at
all – concentrated around big cities. The rest of the country was the wilderness and in some
areas rivers were the only ways of communication.

In the mid-twenties the famous Route 66 was built – the first highway linking the east and the
west. Bridges were built over rivers and streams along with the construction of highway. A new
technology was used – concrete reinforced with steel, which was tougher than previously
known solutions.

The invention of reinforced concrete was used by James Barney Marsh. Design of his bridge
was so good that it got repeated along the entire highway 66. To this day, there is one
preserved located near the town of Baxter Springs, Kansas.

Here you can download the 3D model of Mr. Marsh’s bridge and visualization showing how the
bridge could look like immediately after construction.  My computer would not let me download
the 3D image.

Note:  This was sent to me by Artur Pranga, I believe of Poland.  
tel. (+48) 697137629
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While in the Springfield, IL area, be sure to visit the Blue
Carpet Corridor.
 They have a similar event planned for the
Route 66 Motor Tour for June 12-14, 2015 on their stretch of
Route 66.  Visit their site for more information.